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Shortage of nurses in Canada – increasing workload due to uderstaffing

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Do you know that Canada is facing a massive shortage of nurses? According to the 2020 Canadian Nurses Association’s National Nursing Workforce Survey, the turnover rate for registered nurses in Canada is around 11%, which means that approximately 1 in 10 registered nurses leave their jobs each year.

Today, Canada is facing a notable shortage of nurses, which is putting a significant strain on the healthcare system. This situation is particularly alarming due to the increasing workload that nurses are facing as a result of understaffing.

These problems lead to lower quality of care, poorer patient outcomes, medical errors, and higher rates of staff turnover. When there are not enough nurses to meet patient needs, the quality of care can suffer. Patients may receive suboptimal care, or errors and omissions may occur. In conclusion, the shortage of nurses in Canada is a serious issue that requires urgent attention. This has increased the demands on nurses in Canada.

At RN Force, we understand the importance of nurses in the healthcare system and the
impact that understaffing can have on patient care. That’s why we are committed to working with healthcare facilities to provide them with the skilled and dedicated nursing professionals they need. Join us in our mission to bridge the gap and ensure that Canadians have access to the best possible healthcare.

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